About Me

Ms. Hutchison, the site creatorI found myself in need of a new challenge and I wanted to find a way to solidify my vague thoughts about my exploration into the depths of this thing we call food.  These past two years, from 2008-2010, I lived and worked in a rural Moroccan farming village.   There were mud houses and cement houses, electricity as long as it wasn’t too windy, and running water most mornings.  It was simple and quiet there.  Life without the white noise from things like a refrigerator running was different.  It taught me a great deal about how to live without cereal and juice and twelve different kinds of salad dressing sitting in the pantry.  If I wanted tortillas or vegetable stock or pancake syrup, I had to make them. 

Taking the supermarket out of my daily routine changed things and gave my food choices more meaning.  Instead of debating brand name vs. store brand, every Tuesday I had to travel to a nearby town to pick which pile of dirty vegetables to paw through and which farmer I wanted to support that week at the open air market.  I have been thinking about my food and diet choices for a long time, but life in my tiny village allowed me to experience a simple way of life that is hard to find here in the US.  I learned a great deal about the beauty of simplicity and how to be creative with basic ingredients and the deliciousness of seasonal food.  It pushed me.

Now that I am back in the United States, the supermarket looks different to me and I find myself curious about the extraordinary array of products that used to seem normal.  In the hopes of capturing all these feelings and thoughts and using them for good, I created The Mighty Morsel.

The vision is simple. The Mighty Morsel is to be positive forum to foster the changes that I believe need to be made to our food-routine. If we all start at home and work to make conscious, informed choices seem second-nature then the pieces will fall into place to help solve the bigger environmental and economic concerns that exist. The bigger problems are real though and they require real action to fix. That is why this website has two parts.

The knowledge zone is a place for self-education which serves as the backbone of my support to continue doing what I do every day. For me, long lasting changes are only created when they are based on a solid belief system. Science that functions within the natural world, or proven knowledge, is my belief system. The Tips and Tricks section is more about the process of living out a passion. The expression of passion takes work but it should be fun and get easier with time and it is easier to do together. So, let's inspire each other to make every morsel mighty!

I would love to hear your thoughts on anything you see here and feel free to spread the word. 

As Always,


If you want to know more about my education and employment history, you can find me on LinkedIn.