Here are some ways to spice up the store and everyday cooking because, well, when you do something everyday it gets old.

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Fiddleheads for Dinner

Yup, I just ate fiddleheads…fiddlehead ferns that is. Now, I cannot bring myself to proclaim that they are the most amazing thing I have eaten recently. They were, however, the most fun.

The delights of early Spring are here and they will just keep on coming as the weather warms up. So, have fun with it. The twirly goodness of those bright green ferns put me in a better mood after a long hard week.

Fiddlehead ferns

In short, come one everyone, embrace what the great earth is giving us right now.

Fiddlehead Ferns in a skilletFor dinner, I cut collard greens into ribbons and threw them into a skillet with a little olive oil on medium heat. I let those sauté while I chopped up a red pepper and then I threw the pepper in too. Then I washed the fiddleheads. Next added butter to the skillet and tossed the ferns in on top. With a little salt, pepper, garlic and five more minutes, I had a new side dish for my main dish of Chana Dal with Sorrel over brown rice. It was a mighty green dinner.

Give it a whirl!



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